Free Supply of Uniform

The economic background of each learners of several education system is different social environment. The main aim of uniform distribution is to cover the economic disparities among learners.


  • To ensure equality and unanimity among learners
  • To make interest for all parents in educational activities of their children
  • Activities :-

  • Collection of data of students from each schools(1 to 8)
  • Allotment of fund for the required number
  • Distribution of uniform to each student.

  • Free Supply of Text Books

    Free and compulsory education is one of the main aims of Samgra Shiksha Kerala. SSK has been launched many programmes for achieving the same so far. Text Books are the main resource material for learners. So it is to be distributed to all children uniformly. Samagra Shiksha Kerala has been distributed Free Text Books from elementary level to 8th standard.


  • To ensure the learning experience envisaged in curricula to all children of General Schools over the state.
  • To complete one of the main basic interventions in time to acquire the learning outcomes.
  • Activities:-

  • Collection of data (enrolment) of students from each schools.
  • Allotment of fund for the collected number.
  • Distribution of books to each students.