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Quality Interventions

The government aims to provide personal attention and care to all children attending schools under the general education department. Various programs are being carried out for enhancing the quality of education in public schools. Programs being carried out for enhancing the quality of education and enrolment in public schools.

Funds for Safety and Security

Programmes like safety and security in school aims to make our schools safe and happiest place for all the activities.

Holistic Report Card

Holistic report cards aim to the development the child to be documented at each stage of the learning process

Orientation Programmes for Teachers on Safety and Security

. To ensure school security by providing adequate training programmes for teachers.

Shaala Siddhi

. School evaluation for school improvement is the basic view of Shaala Siddhi. This is a school evaluation framework which enables self evaluation of schools based on seven key domains

Teacher IdCards

. Teacher ID Cards were distributed to the teacher community all over Kerala. Teachers should wear identity card along with the students in the class room to express a democratic view.

Talent Search – Talent Lab

. Talent Lab is an activity implemented by SSK using local resources to nurture their creativity and talents by providing opportunities for co-learning .

Aptitude Test at School Level (Secondary)


  • To help students plan their career at an early age.
  • Children recognize their own aptitudes
  • To channelize their skills to career opportunities
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    Library @ Home (Elementary and Secondary)

    . Library @ home aims at providing reading materials to children at their homes. Teachers are exploring the possibilities of extended activities related to reading by setting up of home libraries.


    . The SSA Shagun portal is a twin track approach to monitor progress of implementation of the various components of Samagra Shiksha by capturing and sharing of best practices from each district.


    . Students are provided with suitable assistance and guidance in accordance with their abilities and learning needs, so that they can develop their potential to the maximum extent.



  • To enable students to read and write fluently in their mother tongue.
  • To make learning Malayalam easily.
  • Sureeli Hindi


  • To enhance learning of Hindi among children
  • Enhanced interest for learning Hindi.
  • Students started using Hindi confidently.
  • Hello English / Hello world

    . The programme Hello English is meant for making English learning enjoyable and easy. Teachers and students became digitally competent to undertake English language activities.


    . Ek Bharath Shrestra Bharath is a comprehensive cultural programme implemented to identify the cultural diversities of different states.

  • The students got acquainted with the art and cultural diversity of paired state in Himachal Pradesh.
  • Cultivate a sense of unity in children through cultural exchange programme
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    . School Grants are provided to all Government Schools in the State to create a conducive learning environment to the holistic development of children and to provide academic support


    Samagra Siksha Kerala has introduced library empowerment programme with the aim to make all learners as good readers.

  • Students’ literature was printed and distributed.
  • Creativity of the children were developed.

    . In order to focus on foundational literacy and numeracy, it has been decided to launch a national mission NIPUN BHARATH under Samagra Shiksha to ensure that every child achieves the desired learning competences in reading, writing and numeracy at the end of grade III and not later than grade V.