Media And Community Mobilization

The declaration of Nava Kerala Mission has enlightened the General Education. The evidences of the class level or school level achievements are to be propagated to the society through creative transactions between the teacher community in the school and the parental and social community surrounding the school. The construction of such a creative community which always contributes to the teaching learning processes in the school and taking out the positive vibes from the school for vitalizing future human life is essential for the meaningful existence of a democratic society. To maturate the community competent enough to serve the above purpose is also becomes a prominent agenda of the integrated system of education. Strengthening the PTA/ SMC attains relevance in this context.

SMC/SMDC Training

It is necessary to get enough support from the parents and LSG members for the better performance of educational activities. For better cooperation of parents, they should get awareness about the activities which are going on in classrooms as part of the teaching learning process.


  • Give awareness to parents about learning objectives.
  • Ensure the participation of parents in the curriculum and non-curriculum activities

  • Gathering SMC\PRI members of schools in each Panchayath.
  • Discuss about the academic and nonacademic programmes conducted in each school and getting a general awareness of the educational programmes.
  • Sharing the merits attained by schools with the help of SMC/PTA.
  • Prepare projects that can be implemented in their own schools under this leadership.
  • Familiarize different agencies that will help to conduct educational programme and project at school level.
  • SMC

    SMC meetings were held regularly at regular intervals during last year the academic and infrastructural development of the school canít be achieved only with the effort put in by the school authority. There are many developmental areas which require support from the public. All academic and developmental activities in the schools require proper monitoring and public auditing. The support and guidance given by the parents create enthusiasm among the students.SMC plays a major role in this.


  • To ensure the participation of the public.
  • To ensure the need of social auditing
  • To create academic master plans for school
  • To intervene in the day to day activities of the school
  • Prepare budget and mobilize community resources for the school

    Schools had conducted class PTAs in every month last year. The participation of the parents are up to the desired level .Teaching learning process becomes meaningful only with the active participation of parents. The percentage of participation of parents who belongs to schedule caste/tribes and other backward classes is very low. This happens mainly because they find it very difficult to identify their changed role in the new teaching learning process. In order to overcome this situation the class PTA should be designed and implemented in a fruitful manner. Dynamic strategies and different methods are to be adopted for the conduct of class PTA to achieve the aims of RTE.


  • To ensure the participation of parents.
  • To share the academic achievements of the children.
  • To share and promote infrastructural development of the school.
  • To develop a positive attitude towards school activities as well as the performance of children.
  • To ensure the participation of parents in the day to day affairs the school.

    At the beginning of the each academic year thousands of children are newly enrolled in schools. New comers are welcomed by giving sweets, books, crayons, and so on. But the talent of the new comer is not noticed at the first day and thereafter. All these children are talented in one or other areas .It will be a matter of great appreciation if they are found talented in the concerned areas and given a talent card to each students on the first day itself. So the first day of the school should be celebrated on the talent day of new comers.


  • To ensure the total enrolment of the school aged children .
  • To ensure the support of LGS nd the society for the school
  • Make aware the society about the academic and infrastructure developments of the school
  • To ensure the support and participation of the committees formed at the different catchment areas of the school
  • To fulfill the objectives of RTE