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Gender and Equity

Our constitution ensure gender equality and equity to all citizens in India. To eliminate social and gender inequality is the main aim of Samagra Shiksha Kerala. Different activities are implemented to achieve this goal. KGBV Girls Hostel is one of the best activities implemented by SSK to provide better accommodation for the socially and economically backward marginalized girls. Admission is given to 100 girls from 8th STD to 12th STD belonging to scheduled castes, scheduled tribes and BPL category.

Rani Lekshmi Bhai AthmarakshaPrasikshan

Training in Martial Arts/Self Defence Training for girl children in Elementary & Secondary level

  • To improve the self-confidence of girls.
  • Trainings on Kalaripayattu, Yoga, Karate, Kungfu, Judo, Aerobiscs etc. .
  • The students became self-confident and self-reliant. .
  • Overcome tensions and stress. .
  • Ensured physical and mental fitness. .
  • Adolescent Education (Secondary Level)

    Attention and care should be given to the children at this age and conscious activities are essential in the school to ensure learning and in their personality development as well.

  • Formed a healthy outlook on life.
  • Developed self confidence in girls.
  • Gained the attitude to stay away from undesirable trends in the society.
  • Acquired the ability to make decisions.