Sports and Physical Education

Health and physical education is one of the scholastic subjects in Kerala. Like languages and other subjects Health and Physical Education is compulsory academic subject. Both continuous assessment and term evaluation is there from standard v to x. For transacting the curriculum of Health and Physical Education Govt. of Kerala had prepared Activity Book and Teacher Text for the students and teachers respectively for above mentioned classes. Teachers are also preparing students for various sports and games for the competitions from school level to National level for the SGFI (School Games Federation of India) approved games like Foot Ball, Cricket, Basket Ball, Hand Ball, Hockey, Shuttle Badminton, Chess, Tennis, Table Tennis, Volley Ball, Kabaddi, Kho Kho, Ball Badminton, Wrestling, Judo, Thaikwondo, Aquatics and Athletics etc. The fundamental basic skills as well as specialised training for this sports and games are given by Physical Education Teachers of schools.


  • To improve basic motor qualities of the School Children.
  • To develop a healthy life style from early childhood onwards.
  • To give opportunity to all the students to participate physical activities daily.
  • To Improve Specific Motor qualities of the Children
  • To develop fundamental skills in Sports of Children
  • To develop a Sports Culture among the school children.
  • Expected Outcome

  • Elementary School Children will acquire basic motor qualities like speed, strength flexibility and cardio respiratory endurance.
  • To improve basic physical fitness of elementary school children.
  • All round development of the students such as physical, social, emotional and intellectual areas.
  • Regular participation in sports and games or other physical activities helps the children to develop qualities like leadership, discipline, sharing, team spirit tolerant etc.
  • Children will able to maintain a good health culture throughout their life.