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RTE Entitlements

Free Uniform

Providing free uniform to all girls from class one to eight and for all boys belonging to scheduled castes , scheduled tribes and children belonging to BPL category to ensure students’ attendance in schools.

Free Textbook

Text books distributed free of cost to all children from Standard 1 to 8 as part of strengthening free and compulsory education

Enrolling of out of school children

The Right to Education Act guarantees universal free and compulsory education to children between the age of 6 and 14. However in Kerala, under special circumstances, it is rarely found that children of guest labourers and those from socio-economically backward areas get dropped out of schools or do not even get enrolled. This initiative is meant to identify such children and get them enrolled

Community Mobilization

. Social support and social co-operation are essential to ensure quality education in learners. Activities under this area are initiated with the objective of ensuring social support and to bring all children to schools. Social support and social co-operation are ensured through SMC training

  • Pravesanolsavam
  • SMC training
  • Class PTA
  • PEC Empowerment
  • Enrolment programme