Free Supply of Text books

All children from standard II to VIII are eligible for getting free textbooks. Text books are of two volumes and prepared for two terms. First volume of textbooks were distributed during April 2017 and the second volume during October/November 2017. Students of standard I get the textbooks from the government directly as per the policy of Government of Kerala. In order to ensure the universal and retention, SSA provides free text book to children of classes 2 to 8 in both Govt. and Aided schools. The State has supplied free text book for 2255928 students from STD II to VIII. The cost of the books for Lower Primary was 150/- and for Upper Primary was 250/-. The number of students has been calculated as per the per the 6th working day strength, which had been verified with the U-DISE data 2017-18 also. Procedures pertaining to the text book meant for the coming academic year are initiated in the previous financial year itself. But the timely printing and distribution of such a huge number of text books is not an easy task. The expenditure was Rs.4679.79 lakhs in this year.


The RTE Act mandates free and compulsory education for all children in Government schools. SSA provides two sets of uniform to all girls, SC, ST children and Below Poverty Line (BPL) children. All the students except APL Boys, who belong to Government Schools were provided with two sets of uniform which cost Rs.400/- per unit. It was a great help for children from poor financial background. This year also we proposed to give free uniform to all students in Government Schools except APL boys. In the previous year uniforms were distributed timely. The uniforms were purchased by the SMC and the settlements were made through the BRCs. SSA provides uniform to eligible students of Govt. schools from classes I to VIII. The scheme covers all students with the exemption of boys from Above Poverty Line families. During the year 2017-18 the State has supplied two sets of uniform @400/- for 755097 eligible students. The amount was supplied to concerned SMCs through Block Resource Centres. The procurement of material and its stitching are the responsibility of SMC. Distribution of free Uniform is greatly benefited especially by the weaker section of society and girl students. The total students includes 410007 Girls students, 59234 SC Boys students, 17939 ST Boys Students and 267917 BPL Boys. The expenditure was Rs.2779.51 lakhs in this year.

Special Training for mainstreaming out of school children

The RTE Act makes specific provision, for Special Training for age appropriate admission of out of school children. Generally majority of out of school children belongs to disadvantaged communities: i.e. Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes, Muslims, Migrants, Children with Special Needs, Urban Deprived Children, working children, children in other difficult circumstances etc. The state identified 3094 children in the out of schools from eleven districts. All the eleven districts started their programme by preparing learning materials and identifying learning centres. The duration of Special Training is flexible, varying from three months to a year depending on the childs needs. SSA implemented various activities in order to attract the out of school children to the mainstream. For this, SSA conducted a programme called ROSHNI for the children who are studying in MGLCs belonging to unserved habitations of Wayanad, Idukki and Ernakulam districts. In the camp the children were made familiar with school atmosphere and they were taken for a study tour to places related to their curriculum. The students were also given special support for enhancing their literacy and numeracy skills. The expenditure was Rs.107.18 lakhs in this year.